The magazine UFC Que Choisir, carried out a comparative test on the hydroalcoholic gels proposed on the market. 40 products sold in stores or on the Internet were scrutinized. 3 criteria were taken into account: the alcohol content, the absence or presence of allergens and for 15 of them the hydration by corneometry.

The complete results are available to subscribers on the UFC Que Choisir website.

Our 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic hands and surfaces solution, in 5L container, was evaluated very positively by this test. The GESTPROTEC® 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic solution received a "3 star" evaluation, i.e. "very good", for the criteria "alcohol content" and "absence of allergens". Indeed, our solution has a denatured alcohol content of more than 60%, a content that allows the solution to be effective against 99,9% of viruses and bacteria (including Sars cov-2). The effectiveness of the solution respects the standards EN 1276 - EN 13697 for its bactericidal & fungicidal activities, EN 1650 for its yeasticidal activity and EN 14476+A2:07-2019 for its virucidal activity (including coronavirus). 

The harmlessness of our formulas has been tested via different tests and dosages that have demonstrated the absence of cosmetic allergens. We have also carried out UV spectra to guarantee the absence of phytotoxicity.

The formulation of the 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic solution is enriched with glycerin and the patch tests & HRIPT carried out, prove the very good cutaneous compatibility and the non-irritating and non-sensitizing character of our formula. Moreover the hydroalcoholic solution GESTPROTEC® is hypoallergenic.

We are proud of the very good results obtained by the GESTPROTEC® 2 in 1 hydroalcoholic solution and remain at your side to fight effectively against the Covid-19 virus.