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The French manufacturer GESTPROTEC® produces hydroalcoholic gels & solutions in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region , intended for both professionals and individuals. In order to offer a complete range of effective hygiene solutions to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, GESTPROTEC® also offers medical air purifiers, automatic contactless dispensers for liquid hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. These health-related products meet European standards in terms of effectiveness as well as the quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our production capacity for hydroalcoholic gels & solutions is adapted to large volumes. We are therefore able to meet your needs if you wish to order high quality hydroalcoholic gel or solution in bulk. Moreover, if you wish to develop liquid and gel sanitizer under your own brand name, as a subcontractor, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer neutral and  scented products to keep hands clean and moisturized. Our hydroaloholic gels & solutions are certified to be hypoallergenic. Our formulations are developed to offer you a product with proven effectiveness. Trust the industrial excellence of a French manufacturer of hands  ans surfaces sanitizer: GESTPROTEC®.

Hydroalcoholic Gels & Solutions: 2 textures for the same effectiveness

Their composition differs somewhat since they do not have the same consistency, but their biocidal effectiveness is just as optimal. Made from alcohol, hydroalcoholic solutions and gels have a virucidal and bactericidal effectiveness approved according to the current European standards. They contain, as stipulated by the regulations, a minimum of 60% alcohol. In fact, only products in this category are recognised as hydroalcoholic and truly effective, in France and in Europe, for disinfecting the skin or a surface. Our hydroalcoholic solutions and gels are based on pharmaceutical grade super-fine alcohol, and have a proven biocidal effectiveness in a very short contact time of 30 seconds. When you place the product in the palm of your hand, you can immediately feel the obvious difference between a hydroalcoholic gel and a hydroalcoholic solution. The gel has a thick texture, ideal for pump-bottle type containers  intended for hand disinfection. The hydroalcoholic solution is more liquid. It can easily be sprayed on a surface, but can also be used in an automatic contactless dispenser. Its fluidity allows you to spray just the right quantity of product to disinfect your hands. This means that you can control product consumption while offering your customers a fast and effective disinfection solution.

How effective are GESTPROTEC® products?

Press release of 18/05/2020:
GESTPROTEC® products have an alcohol concentration higher than 75% (V/V)
COSMED press release of 28/05/2020:
COVID-19: hydroalcoholic products, stop the fakes news!

GESTPROTEC® produces a 2-in-1 liquid sanitizer for hand antisepsis and surface disinfection.


  • Bactericidal activity: Standards EN 1276 (hands) & EN 13697 (surfaces)
  • Yeasticidal activity: Standards EN 1650 (hands) & EN 13697 (surfaces)
  • Fungicidal activity:  Standard EN 13697 (surfaces)
  • Virucidal activity: Standard EN 14476 + A2: 07-2019 (active on enveloped viruses including (H1N1 and Coronavirus) + norovirus + adenovirus + rotavirus) (hands & surfaces)


Hydroalcoholic gel or solution? It depends on your use

The biocidal efficiency of the 2 products is equivalent, so it is the use that will guide your choice between hydroalcoholic solution and gel. If you wish to offer a hand disinfection station, via an automatic contacless dispenser, for large flows of visitors, while limiting the waiting time at the entrance of your company, choose the 2-in-1 hydroalcoholic solution. If you wish to have only one product reference for hand and surface disinfection, in order to order in larger quantities and reduce your purchasing costs, choose the GESTPROTEC® 2-in-1 hydroalcoholic solution. If your preferred use is to offer each of your employees a small individual pump bottle for hand disinfection, the hydroalcoholic gel in a pump bottle will be the most suitable product.

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Hydroalcoholic gel and solution: neutral or scented?

GESTPROTEC® innovates with scented hydroalcoholic solution and gel, Blanc Calice edition. These products allow for optimal disinfection of the hands while benefiting from a delicately scented odour. They guarantee the antisepsis of the hands while providing a very pleasant subtle scent. The contact and evaporation time of the product is very fast.

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What is the difference between a hydroalcoholic gel and a hand gel?

Hydroalcoholic gel

Used for disinfection of viruses and bacteria, hydroalcoholic gel is not governed by the same standards as a hand gel with a strictly cleansing function. Understand this difference in order to select the right leave-on product for your needs.

Hand gel: a hygiene cosmetic

No-rinse hand gel belongs to the world of cosmetics. It has only cleansing or perfuming properties. It is used for hand care and hygiene, but it does not eliminate viruses and bacteria to 99.9%. The packaging concerned is prohibited from mentioning disinfection and biocidal approval. You can't go wrong!

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Why disinfect your hands with a hydroalcoholic gel or solution?

In establishments open to the public and places frequented by people, the possibilities of contact are multiplied, while the sanitary facilities are not always accessible for hand washing. With the health measures recently put in place to fight against Covid-19, a hydroalcoholic solution is almost systematically offered in establishments open to the public. Its use by individuals and professionals is increasing considerably. This type of alcohol-based virucidal and bactericidal product is indeed very practical for disinfecting hands in the absence of a water point.

Are hydroalcoholic solutions and gels without rinsing as effective as a classic hand wash with soap? Despite the proven effectiveness of hydroalcoholic gels in disinfecting and eliminating bacteria and viruses, washing hands with soap allows for the thorough removal of organic matter and germs that are clinging to them. However, many circumstances prevent immediate access to soap and water. The easiest way to protect yourself in such situations is to regularly use a hand sanitising gel or solution.

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GESTPROTEC®'s French know-how: effective hydroalcoholic solutions and gels

Based in France, in Clermont-Ferrand, GESTPROTEC® produces  quality hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, taking into account European standards and the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Their virucidal and bactericidal properties are effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in just 30 seconds of friction. Initially involved in the emergency production of the hydroalcoholic solution recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) in the face of Covid-19, the company is now expanding and offering a more diversified range that meets the needs of users and health measures.

  • Our speciality: a 2-in-1 hydroalcoholic solution for hands and surfaces
  • Our novelty: a scented edition to keep a subtle scent on the hands
  • Our GESTPROTEC® ecosystem: a range designed to facilitate hygiene in companies With the desire to enable companies to facilitate the protection of their users and employees, GESTPROTEC® is developing a practical range adapted to their needs in the face of health measures.

Innovate to protect yourself!