During the health crisis, the relocation of strategic production in France became obvious.  GESTPROTEC® is a manufacturer of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions located in France in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, scented or neutral, are formulated according to the rules and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We also distribute accessories and materials to reinforce barrier measures and gestures: face masks, gloves, medical air purifier, automatic contactless hydroalcoholic solution dispenser...

Choosing a French manufacturer of hydroalcoholic gel close to your company means limiting the risks linked to the hazards of transport, ensuring compliance with European regulations in terms of efficacy and dermatological tolerance of the products, but above all it means focusing on the quality of the product for the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

Choosing the French manufacturer of hydroalcoholic gel GESTPROTEC®, for your brand, means choosing a French manufacturer with production capacities of hydroalcoholic gel and hydroalcoholic solution adapted to large volumes and subcontracting (300T/week). Contact us, as a manufacturer of hydroalcoholic gels: scented or neutral, hypoallergenic,...we will know how to meet your expectations.

Facing the delta variant of Covid 19, the barrier measures and the application of hydroalcoholic gel on the hands in a frequent way, is a gesture which must continue in the places receiving the public. If you wish to propose the hydroalcoholic gel delivered by automatic contactless dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel, the viscosity of this one must be less, more fluid, one speaks then about hydroalcoholic solution. The effectiveness is the same only the viscosity and the denomination of the product diverge. Trust the French hydroalcoholic gel manufacturer GESTPROTEC® for your hydroalcoholic solutions and gels.

If you wish to go further and clean the atmosphere and the air of your canteen or meeting room, our medical air purifier is adapted to the room of very large surface until 1850m2.