The formulation of the hydroalcoholic gel and the effectiveness tests carried out are the 2 main themes that will allow us to segment the range of hydroalcoholic gels present on the market.

How to choose your hydroalcoholic gel according to its composition?

The alcohol content of a hydroalcoholic gel must be higher than 60% v/v, it is a recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), taken up by the National Agency for Health Security (ANSES). The WHO and the authorities recommend between 60 and 70% of alcohol. Too much alcohol saturates the effectiveness of the product. It is the consumers who always want more alcohol, but beyond 75-80%, the effectiveness is the same and may even decrease. However, this is not the only criterion, the type of alcohol used also defines the quality of the gel.

GESTPROTEC® formulates its hydroalcoholic gels and solutions using only denatured "superfine" ethyl alcohol in accordance with the specifications of the Pharmamacopée, to obtain a high quality hydroalcoholic gel.

To limit the irritations linked to the frequent use of the gel on the hands, GESTPROTEC® formulates its hydroalcoholic gels with glycerin, a moisturizer known for its hydrating qualities.

How to choose your hydroalcoholic gel according to its efficiency?

The properties of the hydroalcoholic gels provided by their composition, must be tested by standardized and approved methods.

Thus the virucidal effectiveness and more particularly the effectiveness against the covid-19, an encapsulated coronavirus, must be proven by independent tests carried out according to the standard EN14476 . For a given amount of hydroalcoholic gel and contact time, the viruses will be destroyed. Choose the hydroalcoholic gel whose packaging mentions the virucidal efficiency and the respect of the EN14476 standard, it is a fundamental criterion.

How to choose a hydroalcoholic gel according to its application?

Finally, a top-of-the-range hydroalcoholic gel evaporates quickly after application and leaves the hands non-sticky. All the hydroalcoholic gels and solutions in the GESTPROTEC® range have these characteristics, including our scented hydroalcoholic gel, Blanc Calice Edition, which leaves a delicate and subtle white flower scent on your hands.